Princess Garden's Sizzling Double Face Yellow Noodles comes to the table in two parts: crispy noodles in one pan, the savory meat and vegetables, including baby bok choy, in a brown sauce on another. The waiter pours the meat and vegetables on top of the noodles. File

Bon Appetit: This KC Chinese restaurant is among America's neighborhood favorites

Bon Appétit's new "America's Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants" list highlights the local favorites fans turn to again and again — not the newest or trendiest.

The publication asked 80 of the "most interesting" people it knows — including Fred Armisen, Allison Janney and former Kansas City Chiefs Tony Gonzalez — to help compile the list, which includes everything from a Tibetan dumpling stand in a Cleveland grocery store to a landlocked fish market in Tulsa, Okla.

A local chef recommended Princess Garden at 8906 Wornall Road.

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Princess Garden's founder, the late Chuen Lock Chueng, was born in Shandong, China, in 1913 and began his culinary training in China when he was just 16. He was later a head chef in Hong Kong before coming to America in 1969.

He worked as head chef at Washington, D.C., and New York restaurants before moving to Kansas City in 1971 and opening Princess Garden. It has since relocated and his children now operate the restaurant.

Nicholas Goellner, chef and co-owner of The Antler Room, offered this recommendation in the article: "Part of what makes me love this restaurant so much is that it reminds me of eating Chinese food as a child, before I became a chef and began obsessively seeking out 'authenticity.' The menu reads like a typical Midwestern Chinese restaurant, yet every item is the best version you can imagine: salt-and-pepper squid, golden noodles, crispy beef — pea shoots with sautéed shrimp — all classic American-Chinese favorites, all done perfectly. The staff is incredible; they remembered us after the first time we went, down to our exact order. And the drinks are great, with tiki cocktails that have witty descriptions and cost $7.95. (It might sound like an odd pairing, but it totally works).”

Bon Appetit: This KC Chinese restaurant is among America's neighborhood favorites