Kiefer Sutherland will bring his country music to Knuckleheads on April 13. Julie Jacobson | AP

It's nostalgia week in music: Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Nealon and Tim Reynolds

Let’s get nostalgic this week. There are some acts coming through the area that triggered memories of a long time ago.

First up, Tim Reynolds is in Lawrence this week. He became known for his work with Dave Matthews on the live acoustic recording from 1996 called, “Live at Luther College.”

Then there’s Jack Bauer, I mean Kiefer Sutherland is also in town. Did you watch the always-on-edge TV show “24”? I did, and I loved it and I may even own the entire series on DVD. He’s left his holster and interrogation skills behind and has picked up a guitar and he’s at Knuckleheads this week.

And then there’s Kevin Nealon. From 1986 to 1995 he was on "Saturday Night Live" as Franz of “Hanz and Franz”, Mr. No Depth Perception and my favorite, Mr. Subliminal from the Weekend Update Desk.

Stepping away from nostalgia, two of KC’s most exciting musicians are also playing this week: Hermon Mehari and Calvin Arsenia. The Hermon Mehari Quartet will be playing a pre-game concert of incredible jazz at noon before The Royals take the field on Wednesday at 1:15 p.m. and Calvin Arsenia will be playing at the former speakeasy in The West Bottoms, The Ship.

It’s a full week. See you out there.

04/11 Hermon Mehari at The K at noon, before the 1:15 p.m. game, Royals vs. Seattle

Check out Hermon Mehari HERE in the studio working his magic on his trumpet

Before he packed up his trumpet and moved to Paris you could see Hermon Mehari play multiple gigs a week in KC. Now, living on the other side of the pond, every gig in KC is a special treat. And to make it even sweeter, this gig is at The K before The Royals take on the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday.

It’s a day game, it’s spring and this is KC and a jazz concert before a baseball game.

This concert is part of INK Student Night at The K, and their ongoing concert series showcasing great KC musicians at the stadium.

04/12 Kevin Nealon at The Midland

I love Vintage SNL clips, HERE is a hilarious one with Kevin Nealon

“My name is Franz, and his name is Hanz and we want to pump (handclap) you up!” Find me any '80s kid and they’ll remember those words made famous by Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey as they played motivational bodybuilders in a great recurring skit on "Saturday Night Live."

And back before the internet and comments sections were filled with sarcasm and snark, Kevin Nealon was crushing it as his role of Mr. Subliminal for about a decade on SNL.

I have no idea what his standup routine is composed of but I bet it’s hilarious and perhaps more sincere than his subliminal work. He went on to do more TV roles, including a stint on the TV show "Weeds," which I watched for a while because the soundtrack is amazing. Maybe he’ll share old SNL stories, a Lorne Michaels tale or two at The Midland on Thursday night.

04/13 Tim Reynolds & TR3 at Granada

Does “Live at Luther College” resonate with you? If so check out Stream HERE, fire up those synapses

I’ve seen Tim Reynolds an embarrassing amount of times over the years. I’ve never seen anyone on Earth play guitar the way he can. It could also be because he’s an alien.

Way back in the '90s I met him after a show and he autographed my CD and drew a picture of a UFO on it. He told me “That’s how I got to this planet.” You may recognize him from his acoustic work with Dave Matthews but if you catch his live show, you’ll see him in a different light — a new, darker, stranger and more interesting light as he can make otherworldly sounds with his guitars. Plus, the show is at The Granada, so you can work your way up front.

04/13 Kiefer Sutherland/Ian Moore & Rick Brantley at Knuckleheads

He’s gone from saving the world from terrorists to writing country songs about whiskey, listen HERE

I’m not a big TV guy but for me Kiefer Sutherland’s work as Jack Bauer on “24” is perfect TV. His role on that show wrapped up in 2010. He’s done other TV roles but he’s also become a touring country musician.

His country music is simple in structure and lyrics, but if you can try and possibly imagine the story behind each song from Sutherland’s crazy life, it should make for a great evening. Also, if you like great music documentaries, look up “I Trust You To Kill Me.” It follows a musician named Rocco Deluca, who used to be on Sutherland’s label and has him playing the role of tour manager, carrying guitars and moving gear as Rocco gigs across Europe. There’s also a bit in there where Sutherland gets drunk, thinks he’s a pirate and tackles a Christmas tree. I could only hope for such shenanigans at Knuckleheads.

04/14 Jametatone/Calvin Arsenia at The Ship

HERE is some beautiful music from Calvin Arsenia against the lovely backdrop of downtown KC

One of the most exciting names in KC music right now is Calvin Arsenia. He can play every instrument, but his main instrument is the always impressive harp. On top of that, his vocals will rip right through you. Add all of that to his live show and how he takes the crowd on a journey and you’re in for a great night.

Also on this bill is Jametatone, who recently released a very interesting and clever album called, “Frog In The Pot.” The song “No More Ingor” is already on of my favorite songs of 2018.

More shows on tap:

04/10 Andrew McMahon & the Wilderness (sold out) at The Truman

04/10 Coast Modern at The Riot Room

04/10 Free Member Concert: The McFadden Brothers at the Kauffman Center

04/10 Missio/Morgan Saint at recordBar

04/10 Nick Schnebelen Band at BB’s Lawnside

04/10 The Naughty Pines at The Ship

04/10 Todrick Hall American at The Madrid

04/11 Acid Mother’s Temple/The Melting/Paraaiso UFO/You Doo Right/Expo 70 at recordBar

04/11 AJR (sold out) at The Truman

04/11 Erika Wennerstrom (of Heartless Bastards)/Chris Meck & Guilty Birds at Knuckleheads

04/11 Tauk/Lucas Parker Band at The Bottleneck

04/12 Dance Monkey Dance/Rabble in Arms at Westport Saloon

04/12 Drake Bell/Tryon and Joe Kirk [from The Voice] at The Rino

04/12 Kevin Nealon at The Midland

04/12 Sure Sure/Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type at The Riot Room

04/12 Timber Timbre/Thor and Friends at recordBar

04/13 Freight Train Rabbit Killer/Peculiar Pretzelman/My Oh My and more at recordBar

04/13 Grand Marquis/Shine Delphi at Westport Saloon

04/13 Hermon Mehari at The Blue Room

04/13 Kiefer Sutherland/Ian Moore & Rick Brantley at Knuckleheads

04/13 Maria The Mexican at at 6PM at Replay

04/13 Red Kate/The Pack A.D./Vedettes at Replay Lounge

04/13 The MGDs at Jazzhaus

04/13 Tim Reynolds & TR3 at Granada

04/13 to 04/15 The Man in Black presented by the KC Ballet at Kauffman Center

04/13 Turnstile/Touche Amore/Culture Abuse and more at The Bottleneck

04/13 Zoso at Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s

04/14 Ahayu at MTH Theater at Crown Center

04/14 Ces Cru/G-Mo Skee at Aftershock

04/14 Jametatone/Calvin Arsenia at The Ship

04/14 Kansas City Bear Fighters- Kids’ Matinee Show at 4PM at Westport Saloon

04/14 Lonnie McFadden Quartet at Black Dolphin at 5:30

04/14 Rhea Butcher at recordBar

04/14 Shy Boys/Cocordion/Fullbloods/Fraydee Cat at Replay Lounge

04/14 The Project H at Black Dolphin

04/15 David Radzynski & Lolita Lisovskaya-Sayevich: Park ICM Distinguished Alumni Series at 1900 Building

04/15 Mac Lethal/Wax at recordBar

04/15 Michigan Rattlers/Roseline at Knuckleheads

04/16 Geographer/Joan at The Riot Room

04/16 Villinger/Schlamb Trio at Green Lady Lounge (main floor)

It's nostalgia week in music: Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Nealon and Tim Reynolds