Grinders claims its South Philly cheesesteak is the best one west of the Mississippi River. Customers can get it with provolone or Cheez Whiz, shown here. Sarah Gish |

Fo' sizzle: Here are 5 great places for Philly cheesesteaks in KC

Grinders claims its South Philly cheesesteak is the best one west of the Mississippi River. Customers can get it with provolone or Cheez Whiz, shown here. Sarah Gish |
Rob Riggle’s go-to sandwich at Chartroose Caboose is the Zephyr, a Philly cheesesteak made with onions, mushrooms and melted cheese. Sarah Gish |
Steak'M Take'M's classic cheesesteak combo ($8.25) comes with a steak cheesesteak sandwich with the customer's choice of sauce (mayo is the favorite) and seasoned fries. Sarah Gish |
At Jersey Boyz in North Kansas City, the best-selling cheesesteak is the Travolta. It's made with hot pepper cheese, cream cheese, grilled onions and green peppers. Sarah Gish |
Philly Time serves a dozen different cheesesteaks, including the Supreme ($7.59 for a regular), made by cooking steak or chicken on a grill with onions and mushrooms, and then adding white American cheese. The sandwich is served on a traditional Amoroso hoagie. Sarah Gish |

Some say you can't get a decent Philly cheesesteak west of the Mississippi.

The owners of Steak'M Take'M are out to prove those people wrong.

The family-owned fast food joint with three locations in Kansas City boasts that it serves "the best cheesesteaks ever" on signs and in a rap video inspired by Yo Gotti's "Rake It Up."

"Steak it up," co-owner Micah Ross raps in the two-minute clip. "Grill it down. Bag it up."

The video, made by a family friend for around $100, shows off Steak'M Take'M's method: Cooks use large spatulas to chop up seasoned steak, onions and peppers on a flattop grill. The sizzling-hot filling is topped with sliced American Swiss cheese before it's wedged into a locally made Roma Bakery roll. You might want to try one on March 24 — National Cheesesteak Day.

"Bustin' out the bun," Ross raps. "That combo's so fulfilling."

Customers choose their own sauce — mayo's the favorite, but A1 and honey mustard are also popular. Steak'M Take'M's sandwiches cost $5.50, or $8.25 as a combo with seasoned fries and a drink.

Philly cheesesteak purists might raise an eyebrow at Steak'M Take'M's liberal use of sauces and American Swiss cheese (provolone or Cheez Whiz are the traditional picks) but regulars are hooked on what Steak'M Take'M calls "Show Me" cheesesteaks.

"We call ours the best because that's what our customers say," says co-owner Shelton Ross, Micah's brother.

Recently I stopped by the Steak'M Take'M at 7702 Troost and ordered a classic cheesesteak combo to go. (The tiny Troost location does have a few stools, but most customers opt for takeout). I expected to try a few bites and save the rest for later, but the seasoning on the steak and fries was irresistible, and the meal was gone in minutes. Whoops.


Steak'M Take'M also has locations at 3120 Stadium Drive and 8729 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Raytown.


Those looking for an authentic cheesesteak should try Grinders, with locations in the Crossroads, Lenexa and Leavenworth (a Lawrence location is coming soon).

Grinders' South Philly cheesesteak ($9.50 for a whole or $6 for a half) is the most popular sandwich on the menu. It comes with ribeye steak or smoked turkey, provolone or Cheez Whiz, and is served on a traditional Amoroso roll from the City of Brotherly Love.


A great cheesesteak is all about the Amoroso roll, according to The Star's lead political reporter Bryan Lowry, who grew up outside Philadelphia.

Confession: I also kind of like the Cheez Whiz, even if it does come from a can. Lowry's more of a provolone guy.

Philly Time

You can also find Amoroso rolls at Philly Time, 4111 N. Mulberry Drive in The Village at Briarcliff. The Star's culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt turned me onto the place, which serves up a dozen different cheesesteaks.

Our favorite is the steak Supreme ($7.59), with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and white American cheese. The shredded beef is so tender that it practically melts in your mouth, and the bun is as soft as a pillow. That's Amoroso for you.


Those with bigger appetites might like Philly Time's $12.99 Monster cheesesteak: It's like the Supreme, but with triple meat and cream cheese.

Jersey Boyz

Huge cheesesteaks are also on the menu at Jersey Boyz, 315 Armour Road in North Kansas City. Each one is named after a New Jersey native: Think Joe Pesci, Frank Sinatra, Danny DeVito, Bruce Springsteen. The top seller is the Travolta ($8.19), hand-cut steak with hot pepper cheese, green peppers, cream cheese and grilled onions.

The steak on the spicy sandwich is chopped up super-fine and piled high. It's melded together with creamy, spicy cheese. Don't forget a side of fries, which are hand-cut in the kitchen.


Chartroose Caboose

Looking for a cheesesteak in the 'burbs? Check out Chartroose Caboose, with locations at 10636 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park and 12976 W. 87th Parkway in Lenexa.

KC native Rob Riggle has been known to chow down on The Zephyr ($7.58), made by searing sliced seasoned steak on a grill with onions and mushrooms. The sandwich is served on a toasted roll with melty provolone. Customers can add pickles and peppers from the condiment bar.


The Zephyr can also be made with turkey, chicken or ham — because when it comes to cheesesteaks in KC, pretty much anything goes.

Fo' sizzle: Here are 5 great places for Philly cheesesteaks in KC