The Kansas City rock band Making Movies. File photo by Jill Toyoshiba |

Two Grammy winners and bluegrass vibes on tap this week in KC concerts

2018 concert: Glen Hansard, March 15 at the Truman File photo |
2018 concert: K.D. Lang with Moorea Masa, March 13 at the Uptown Theater File photo |
The Kansas City rock band Making Movies. File photo by Jill Toyoshiba |

We’re in week two of the SXSW ripple. I mentioned it last week too.

The Midwest is ripe with bands touring to and from Austin, Texas, giving us a full calendar of shows to catch this week. It’s still really early in 2018, but as the clocks change and it’s almost officially spring, this week presents two early formidable candidates for “best shows of 2018.”

First up is K.D. Lang at The Uptown on Tuesday, March 13, celebrating the 25-year anniversary of her Grammy-winning album "Ingenue." And the second show, from another Grammy winner, this time from Dublin, the great Glen Hansard.

03/13 K.D. Lang/Grigoryan Brothers at The Uptown


Click HERE to watch K.D. Lang’s performance at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.

At a time when the #metoomovement and “Time’s Up” are ringing through the music and entertainment industry, I can’t imagine the stories that K.D. Lang could share with us. To think of the things she’s fought through only to persist with an amazing career filled with great music.

I was lucky to see her on a brisk night at Starlight several years ago alongside Tony Bennett. It was a special night, she’s a force with an incomparable voice. I’m looking forward to her jaw-dropping vocals filling The Uptown on Tuesday night.

She’s out on tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of her "Ingenue" album. It should be a night to remember from a voice you’ll never forget.

03/15 Glen Hansard at The Truman


Click HERE to watch Glen Hansard perform a Tiny Desk Concert (we love Tiny Desk Concerts so much).

Fanboy. I love the word. Only a few people have turned me into a fanboy and Glen Hansard is one of them. From his time with The Frames to the Swell Season and now as a touring solo artist, everything he does is special. He even won an Oscar for his movie “Once” and it led to one of the best Oscar speeches of all time, with an assist from Jon Stewart.

For Kansas City, a city with an insanely huge St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebration, I’m not sure it gets any sweeter than landing a Glen Hansard gig the week of St. Pat’s.

If you like your music with a touch of folk, some indie rock, drenched in emotions with a slight Irish brogue, this show is for you. Last time through he had a 10-piece band with him and a horn section, so naturally, it made my favorite shows of the year list.

03/15 The Matchsellers & The Breakfast Sides are The Bluegrastronauts, album release show at Westport Coffee House


Click HERE to watch a little ditty from The Matchsellers.

The Bluegrastronauts is a band put together from two existing projects: The Matchsellers and The Breakfast Sides. They have collaborated on a concept album about space, that they’re calling, “Interstellar Old-time music.” My favorite song on the album is called “Stuck Boy.”

The band shared this with me: “Stuck Boy tells the story of a boy who is stuck in orbit between Neptune's Galle & Le Verrier rings.” Like they said, interstellar!

Both bands' style of bluegrass is full of wit and attitude so I epxect their album release show will be filled with great moments and lots of laughter. Also, if you’ve never seen a show in the downstairs theater at Westport Coffeehouse, it’s an intimate room. The $10 admission includes a copy of the album.

03/16 Galactic/Making Movies at The Uptown


Click HERE to watch Making Movies play a 909 Session for 90.9 The Bridge.

Making Movies ended 2017 throwing one of the best concerts that I saw last year. It was a sold-out show on Nov. 29 at Knuckleheads in support of their incredible 2017 album "I Am Another You." And then they started 2018 by being featured on NPR Music’s site in an article about protest songs.

I’ve been watching these guys play for nearly a decade and every time I see them they get better and better. And bigger than that, at a time when we're talking about building walls and learning who “dreamers” are, what Making Movies is doing, saying and singing from the stage every night is important.

Go to their show and check out their merch, or view their merch online HERE. I bought one of their tees, it’s sure to be a conversation starter. Whenever I wear mine, strangers come up to me and ask where they can get one. On Friday, Making Movies opens up for Galactic, as they bring the funk from New Orleans.

03/19 Parsonsfield at recordBar


Click HERE to watch Parsonsfield perform while climbing a tree next to a pond.

Parsonsfield was recently in Kansas City, as part of a private showcase at the Folk Alliance International Conference. And now these Western Massachusetts folk rockers are coming back to play a proper concert.

The New York Times said this about their music: it’s "boisterously youthful yet deftly sentimental.” Watch the video above and it’s hard not to like their infectious and fun brand of folk and bluegrass music.

Grab your tickets now before the show sells out then head to recordBar on Monday and watch these guys pour out their heart and soul. Their new EP came out last week, simply titled, “We."

Two Grammy winners and bluegrass vibes on tap this week in KC concerts