Meet the underground denim shop selling jeans beneath the River Market’s streets

Denim-denim-denim. (That’s the song from the sewer levels in Super Mario Bros., for those who missed out during childhood. It perfectly applies, so I really couldn’t help myself.)

Recently I ventured underground (literally) to scope out Kansas City’s newest denim boutique, Denimhound. The River Market selvedge shop resides in the basement of its sister store, Houndstooth, best known for classic menswear and custom suiting.

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While Houndstooth is generally known as a hub for menswear apparel, Denimhound offers a focused selection of world-class jeans for shoppers of any gender, including a variety of washes, fits and brands. You need raw selvedge? Say no more. Stretch? They got it. High waist-- Hush, young one. You already know the answer.

The selection all stems from what owner Jeff Covitz perceives as a hole in the market, namely that Kansas Citians deserve to have options. “We want to offer more choices when it comes to what’s available in KC,” says Covitz. “We’ve got a lot of brands here that you don’t find outside of major cities like New York and Chicago.” He’s not kidding.

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For someone with a large build like mine, it’s especially helpful to be able to try on jeans in person, and when I saw that Jeff and company carried Naked & Famous (a brand I had only salivated over online), I was stoked to try some on for the first time. As we dug into the other offerings, it became clear that the folks at Denimhound had done their homework.

From classic producers like the venerable Levi’s and A.P.C. to newer makers like L.A.’s Railcar Fine Goods and Canadian outfit Reigning Champ, Denimhound offers a handful of highly-curated brands that run the spectrum from traditional to modern to trendy. Regardless of the piece you choose, one thing remains consistent: Covitz and crew never skimp on quality.

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The basement space itself reflects the focused approach of the Denimhound concept. To put it briefly, it does a lot with a little.

While the space is low on square footage, clean, white walls coupled with a well-placed mirror create an inviting, open environment. 70s decor choices like a yellow-green settee and an accent wall plastered with a lush floral design create the feel that you’ve stepped into a secret, loungey pocket dimension conjured by some arcane fashion ritual.

(I play a lot of D&D.)

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After my visit, I’m pleased to say that Denimhound is a welcome addition to the budding apparel scene in Kansas City, especially for bringing in brands that would otherwise be out-of-reach in the midwest.

For those looking to transfer out of the fast fashion cycle and nab some jeans that will last for ages, this basement hideout in River Market should be your next stop. Plus, if anything happens to your new duds, Denimhound’s tailoring and repair services are sure to get you back in the game, stat.

Denimhound is located in the basement of Houndstooth at 507 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106 in the River Market.

Meet the underground denim shop selling jeans beneath the River Market’s streets