Lana Del Rey will at Sprint Center on Jan. 9. Chris Pizzello | AP

The January music hit list: The Phantastics, Lana Del Rey’s first KC show, Josh Ritter

Let’s face it, whatever your New Year’s resolution is, it’s probably boring and not fun. What if you changed things up and your goal for 2018 was to go to more shows? Maybe you check out a band that you don’t know, or finally see your persistent coworker’s set. Sounds pretty fun, right?

Last year was a great year for music and shows in KC, and 2018 looks to be even better.

Have a look below at our highlights, or keep going to see the full lineup for January. Hopefully we’ll run into you at a venue.

Happy New Year, everybody!

01/05 The Phantastics/Hi-Lux/Count Tutu and more at The Riot Room

Click HERE to watch The Phantastics do a session for 90.9 The Bridge.

The Phantastics are KC’s best party band. They’ve played for the mayor, they’ve played big stages at Boulevardia and their frontman wrote the official song of the KC Streetcar (yes, it has an official song, video HERE). Their combination of soul, hip-hop, and R&B is a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else in the city. This show at The Riot Room is the celebration of their six years of making music together. Also, don’t sleep on Count Tutu from Tulsa, they turned a lot of heads in September 2017 at Crossroads Music Fest.

01/06 The Band That Fell To Earth (tribute to David Bowie) at recordBar

Click HERE to watch Nate Corsi and Steve Tulipana’s tribute to Under Pressure.

We lost David Bowie in early 2016 and coincidentally, an impressive group of KC musicians were hard at work on a special tribute show to honor his music. After he passed, the show became a way for fans to come together, honor him and even grieve together. This will be the third year of the Bowie tribute, the first two were stellar and this should follow suit. The project is headed up by Michelle Bacon and features musicians from great KC bands like Katie Guillen and the Girls, Not A Planet and longtime musician and recordBar co-owner Steve Tulipana. Grab your tix in advance to this special night at recordBar. We miss you David Bowie.

01/09 Lana Del Rey/Jhene Aiko at Sprint Center

Click HERE to watch the video for “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey.

Go back about seven years to the fall of 2011 when you couldn’t hide from that sultry voice, singing a song titled, of all things, “Video Games.” Heaven is a place on earth with you/Tell me all the things you want to do/I heard that you like the bad girls/Honey, is that true?” How do you not pay attention to that voice singing those lyrics? At the time Lana Del Rey was a bit of a mystery. The layers have been peeled back in the years since, but a lot of her fans still haven’t had the chance to see her live. This show on Jan. 9 will be her first show in KC, so don’t miss this chance to see what I’m sure will be an amazing show with great production.

01/26 Beastie Boys Tribute at VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino

Click HERE to take it back to 1986 and watch the video for “Hold It Now, Hit It.”

I’ve been lucky to see a lot of my favorite acts along the way, but one act I would’ve loved to have seen was The Beastie Boys. They played here in KC on May 3, 1995, and Aug 7, 1998. I remember my buddies loading up a car in St. Joe and coming down to KC back in 1995. I’m not sure why I wasn’t in that car. When the original act no longer exists, tribute shows are the closest you can get. Steddy P, the man behind the KC-based hip-hop label, IndyGround Records, has put together an impressive cast of MCs to honor Mike D, MCA (rest in peace), and Ad-Rock. Grab your friends and head to Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s for a night filled with sing-alongs and smiles. I’m really looking forward to this one.

01/30 Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band at Liberty Hall

Click HERE to watch Josh Ritter’s Tiny Desk Concert.

Paste Magazine lauded Josh Ritter with the title of being one of the best living singer-songwriters a while back. I’ve been a fan for over a decade and I’m fortunate to have seen Josh an embarrassing amount of times in KC, Lawrence, Omaha and in Austin at SXSW. If you’ve never seen him live, watching his face while he’s on stage and seeing that ear-to-ear smile is worth the price of admission alone. As the show is in Lawrence, many longtime fans won’t be far off in hoping for a performance of the song “Lawrence, KS.” One time Josh climbed atop the speakers at The Bottleneck, unplugged, and with no mic performed the tune. Needless to say our souls filled up a bit. I could never say enough good things about Josh Ritter; I hope you can make it out to this one.

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Other January shows:

01/02 American Aquarium/Ryan Manuel and the Getaway at The Bottleneck

01/02 Petey Pyramid/J. Theiss/Smitty the Kid/Diverse at The Riot Room

01/02 Rex Hobart and the Honky Tonk Standards at The Ship

01/02 Sutphin/Junior Retreat/Leg Day at Davey’s

01/03 Blue Dream/Mars Lights/Noah Davis/Braingea at The Riot Room

01/03 Local Showcase: Cenacle/Weatherspoon & Side Attraction free show at Knuckleheads

01/03 Trapper/Odd Folks/Hungry Foxes at The Rino

01/04 Fresh to Def w/ Eddie Moore/Duncan Burnett/Hosted by Kemet The Phantom at recordBar

01/04 Make Your Mark/The Uncouth/Boss Hooligan Soundsystem/Bombs Over Broadway at The Riot Room

01/04 Markiplier at The Midland

01/04 The Gleaners/Abandoned Bells/Psycho violets at Replay

01/05 The Phantastics/Hi-Lux/DJ Maxx Gruv/Kemet the Phantom/Count Tutu/Janell Banks at The Riot Room

01/05 Tim York/Claire Adams/Justin Klaas at The Rino

01/05 Here Comes The Mummies at Knuckleheads

01/05 Outhouse The Film screening at The Uptown

01/05 The Skirts/Signal Ridge Matinee Show at Replay

01/05 Uncouth/The Detectives/Loose Wires at Davey’s

01/05 Vintage Pistol/The Random Strangers/Twang Daddies free show at Westport Saloon

01/06 The Band That Fell To Earth (tribute to David Bowie)at recordBar

01/06 Brother Bagman/KC Bankroll/Amaraguia Ridge Runners free show at Westport Saloon

01/06 Nace Brothers Acoustic Trio in the Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads

01/06 Red Kate/Domestica/Varma Cross at Replay

01/06 Space Time Experimental Music at Niche upstairs at Uptown Arts Bar

01/06 The Sextet at The Ship

01/06 VidCo Kult/Ex Acrobat/Hipshot Killer at Davey’s

01/06 Vik G. Trio at The Phoenix

01/08 Nick Schnebelen at BB’s Lawnside

01/08 The Rich Hands/Salty/Drugs & Attics at miniBar

01/09 Lana Del Rey/Jhene Aiko at Sprint Center

01/09 Smooth Hound Smith/WHALES/Adriana Nikole at The Riot Room

01/10 Mike Dillon at The Brick

01/11 Cody Johnson (sold out) at The Truman

01/11 Krizz Kaliko at The Riot Room

01/11 Matt Hopper free at The Blue Room

01/12 Black Veil Brides/Asking Alxandria/Crown The Empire at The Midland

01/12 Claire Adams/Abandoned Bells at The Brick

01/12 Found A Job: A Tribute To Talking Heads at recordBar

01/12 Grassfed/The Pickin’ Pear/Brewster Moonface free show at Westport Saloon

01/12 Gypsy Rose Frequency/OxyKitten/Black Stacey at Davey’s

01/12 Hairball at VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino

01/12 Pajamarama Birthday Jammy Jam w/ Jake Wells/Second Hand King

01/12 Psychic Heat/Karen Meat/Dubb Nubb/CS Luxem at Replay

01/12 Sweet Ascent album release show/The Dear Misses/Double Dog Dare at The Bottleneck

01/12 Tyler Gregory/Jessica Paige at Replay

01/12 Tyrone Clark Trio at The Blue Room

01/12 Ying String Quartet with pianist Alon Goldstein and bassist Rachel Calin at The Folly

01/13 Use Your Atlas/Matthew McNeal at Mills Records

01/13 MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser: Verbose/SquidsKC/Ex Acrobat at recordBar

01/13 James Ward Band at The Blue Room

01/13 “Cabaret” The Musical at Yardley Hall at JCCC

01/13 Kelly Hunt/AJ Young Band/The Lark and the Loon free show at Westport Saloon

01/13 American Spiritual Ensemble at The Folly

01/13 Brian Regan at The Music Hall

01/13 Burlap The Sac/Mid Air/Oneofyou/Black Mariah Theater at miniBar

01/13 Edison Lights (Matinee Event)/Bobwire at The Riot Room

01/13 Existem/Ahtme/34/The Soiled Doves/Aprilmist at The Riot Room

01/13 Heather Newman at The Phoenix

01/13 Porter Union at Knuckleheads

01/13 Slim Hanson & The Poor Choices at The Brick

01/14 Brett Young at The Granada

01/15 Mimicking Birds (Matinee Event) at The Riot Room

01/15 Negro Scoe/Approach/Vertigone/Stitch81Classic/DJ Verscomm/Topp Boom at The Riot Room

01/16 Criss Angel at The Midland

01/16 The Wailers at The Riot Room

01/16-21 The Color Purple at Kauffman Center

01/17 Destroyer at recordBar

01/17 Deltaphonic/AJ Gaither OMB free show at Westport Saloon

01/17 Marching Orders Winter Tour 2018 with The Green/Sammy Johnson/Leilani Wolfgramm at The Granada

01/17-18 KC Symphony Presents Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary at Kauffman Center

01/18 arx duo at 1900 Building

01/18 Lee Ann Womack/Kelsey Waldon at Knuckleheads

01/18 Old Sound at The Phoenix

01/18 Stoney Larue at The Granada

01/19 Jerry Seinfeld: 2 shows, 7 and 9:30 p.m. at The Midland

01/19 Momma’s Boy Single Release Party/Dreamgirl/Rachel Mallin at The Riot Room

01/19 Sara Morgan album release show in the Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads

01/19 Anti-Flag/Stray From The Path at The Granada

01/19 Marcus Roberts Trio at The Folly

01/19 Nathan Corsi/Carswell & Hope/My Oh My at recordBar

01/19 Sons of Brasil at The Blue Room

01/19 The Roseline/Lazy Waters Matinee at Replay

01/19 The Wombats at The Truman

01/19 Tribal Seeds with the Original Wailers & The Expanders at VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino

01/19 Tyler Sanford Coalition at Californos

01/19-21 Best of Rodgers and Hammerstein: Some Enchanted Evening at Kauffman Center

01/20 Alice Sweet Alice/Hillary Watts Riot/Benovox/People Watching at The Bottleneck

01/20 Casey Donahew at The Granada

01/20 Fat Wreck Chords presents The Lillingtons at The Rino

01/20 Fred Wickham & Hadocol Caravan at The Ship

01/20 Grand Marquis/Izabel Crane/The Ready Brothers free show at Westport Saloon

01/20 Ida McBeth at The Blue Room

01/20 Jim Norton at Liberty Hall

01/20 Kansas City Bear Fighters Family Friendly Matinee free show at Westport Saloon

01/20 Lil Boosie at The Uptown

01/20 Maxim Vengerov, violinist in recital at The Folly

01/20 Mene Mene/American Slim/Modern Day Fitzgerald at The Brick

01/20 Myco/Brokeside Soul at Californos

01/20 Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble at Polsky Theatre at JCCC

01/20 Various Blonde/North by North/Temp Tats/Meglacoil at miniBar

01/20 Vela/In’ere at Records with Merritt

01/21 Motherfolk/Westerners/Toughies at recordBar

01/21 2Cellos at Sprint Center

01/21 Doc Dilz & Last Rekrute/Loogey/Busty the Drummer/DJ Cutswell at The Riot Room

01/22 Neon Dreams/Piper/Cudo/Joe Rubeo at The Riot Room

01/23 Margo Price at Knuckleheads

01/23 Dirty Few/Drugs & Attics at Replay

01/23 Red Fang/Hyborian/Demons at The Riot Room

01/24 Local Showcase: Jacob Be. & Company/Ryan Manuel and the Getaway/Michael Monster free show at Knuckleheads

01/24 Silverstein & Tonight Alive at The Granada

01/25 Freedom Riders, a new play, with original songs and music at Yardley Hall at JCCC

01/25 G3: Joe Satriani/John Petrucci/Phil Collen at The Uptown

01/25 Late Nite Cavalry/Gallivant at Davey’s

01/25 Noah Gunderson at recordBar

01/26 Beastie Boys Tribute at VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino

01/26 Drive-by Truckers/Lilly Hiatt at The Truman

01/26 Nick Siegel/Larsen at The Rino

01/26 Amanda Fish at BB’s Lawnside

01/26 Andrea Gibson, award winning poet & activist at The Lied Center at KU

01/26 Andrew Foshee (album release show)/The Grisly Hand at recordBar

01/26 Ben Sayevich and Lolita Lisovskaya-Sayevich - Park ICM 1900 Series at 1900 Building

01/26 El Monstero: A Tribute to Pink Floyd at The Uptown

01/26 GypsyRose Frequency/The Magic Johnson/Earth Spun Occupants at Californos

01/26 Jackopierce at Knuckleheads

01/26 Katy Guillen and the Girls/Heidi Lynn Gluck at The Bottleneck

01/26 Llŷr Williams, piano at The Folly

01/26 Mangosteen/The Foxburrows/Pink Royal at Replay

01/26 Max Groove at The Blue Room

01/26 Molly Gene/Freight Train Rabbit Killer at The Brick

01/26 The MGDs at The Phoenix

01/26 Whiskey for the Lady/Drifters Mile/Dan Martin free show at Westport Saloon

01/26-28 KC Symphony Classical Series Mahler’s Seventh at Kauffman Center

01/27 Dusty Rust album release show/The Breakfast Sides/Tyler Gregory/Dan Bliss free show at Westport Saloon

01/27 Dark Satellites/In’ere/Shoebox Money at miniBar

01/27 Jenna & Martin/Dan Martin/Mr. E & The Stringless Kite at Californos

01/27 Matt Otto at The Blue Room

01/27 Milky Chance at The Truman

01/27 Transformations Charity Gala 2018 at Liberty Hall

01/28 Marilyn Manson/Hyborian at The Midland

01/28 Deborah Brown Quintet Winterlude Series at Polsky Theatre at JCCC

01/28 Flobots/McLovins/Danny X/SK/Van Ghost at The Riot Room

01/28 YUNG LEAN at The Granada

01/29 The Belle Game at recordBar

01/30 Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band at Liberty Hall

01/30 August Burns Red/Born of Osiris/ERRA/Ocean Grove at The Granada

01/30 The Kemps at The Ship

01/31 Jeff Austin Band at The Granada

01/31 Mako at recordBar

01/31 The Wizard of Oz at The Lied Center at KU

The January music hit list: The Phantastics, Lana Del Rey’s first KC show, Josh Ritter