3 reasons your New Year’s resolution should include golf [Partner]

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Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet? This year instead of committing myself to the latest fad diet I decided to commit myself to a new sport. I needed something that fit my lifestyle and could become a permanent fixture in my life. For me, that meant Great Life KC, a club boasting state of the art fitness equipment, swimming pools, and over a dozen golf courses across the greater Kansas City area. It’s exactly what I needed to get fit and pick up a new sport, but some folks have never looked at golf as promoting their well-being. Here are the top three reasons why Great Life should be a part of your New Year’s resolution:

1. You’ll train like an athlete

“Golfers are athletes,” says Sarah Stout, a personal trainer at Great Life’s Leavenworth location, “so you have to train like one.” She encourages trainees to start a fitness regimen because building muscles in the gym helps tremendously on the course. Core training, shoulder mobility, and hip rotation are all especially important since the key muscles used in a golf swing are your chest, back, forearm, and core muscles.

2. You don’t have to be good at golf

It probably comes as no surprise that I’ve never held a golf club before, so don’t sweat it if you haven’t either. You don’t need to be an expert to get the benefits of the sport, and Great Life offers personal training and golf coaching to help grow your fitness and technique. Sarah often videotapes her clients so they can watch the tape together and see where the golfer can improve. Then, she creates a personalized plan that they follow through together to improve strengths and fix imbalances. There’s no need for novice golfers to be intimidated. With such a large selection of courses there’s one for everyone (even the greenest among you).

3. It’s not a total boys’ club

Anytime I have pictured a golf club, I envision men between the ages of 50 and 60 decked in pastels, drinking cocktails and complaining about their wives. That idea no longer applies. The crowd at Great Life is super diverse, welcoming families, men and women in their twenties and thirties, singles and couples. There are plenty of membership options to meet your exact needs. Great Life isn’t pretentious or stale…it’s actually really inviting.

If you’re interested, you can reach out for more information at Great Life KC’s website at www.greatlifekc.com/

3 reasons your New Year’s resolution should include golf [Partner]