Cloth napkins are the classic gift they’ll actually use. Owl + Mouse

Five moves under $25 to make you the classiest person at the party

If your host has a beard, he needs this. Bear Soap Co.
These Decoylab succulents are hassle-free Decoylab

Hosting a holiday party can be a lot of work--the house cleaning, decorating, cooking and cocktail preparation really add up. If you’re not hosting this year, the classy move is to bring a little gift for the host to any get together. It doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive--just a little something to acknowledge the time and effort of the host.

These ideas are under $25, and they’re locally made. Double-score.

Wood succulent, $24


Buy: Decoylab online

By: Decoylab

If you have a friend that cannot keep a plant alive to save her life, this is the gift! It would look darling with tiny lights for the Christmas season.

Lovely cloth cocktail napkins, $20

Buy: Owl + Mouse online

By: Owl + Mouse

If your friend hosts a lot of dinners and is environmentally conscious at all, he or she will appreciate the luxury of cloth napkins. Owl + Mouse has a variety of options that are festive without screaming Christmas.

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Beard oil, $25


Buy: Mid Coast Modern

By: Bear Soap Co.

Think of this oil as the bearded-hosts equivalent of a nice tube of hand cream. The beard oil is organic, hand-poured and forest-scented.

Offer to bring dessert, prices vary

Hosting a party is stressful enough, so offering to take an element off the entertainer’s hands is a great move. You can make your favorite Christmas cookies or pick up some seasonal goodies from Mud Pie Bakery. Everything is vegan, even the chai spice cupcake—perfect for parties where you don’t know everyone’s food restrictions and preferences. Order ahead if you want a specific flavor!

Bottle of 2014 Urban Cepages red wine, $18

Buy: Amigoni Urban Winery

By: Amigoni

Wine is a classic hostess gift, especially when you spring for something nicer than two-buck Chuck. This red blend from Amigoni is light, dry and delicious. Perfect to pair with any holiday spread.

Five moves under $25 to make you the classiest person at the party