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5 gifts that prove gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving

Pretty stationary takes your handwritten note to the next level. Bonus points for sending it through the mail Hammerpress
It’s a card. It’s a keepsake. It’s a declaration of your undying affection. Mid Coast Modern
Nothing makes a giftee feel more appreciated than a well-wrapped present. Hammerpress
Take note, this notepad is bomb. Easy, Tiger

If you’re reading this, that’s gift enough for us. Seriously.

All this talk of gratitude got us thinking about how thankful we are to be part of such an incredible community. So, we wanted to give our readers a way to shop and give local to continue to grow KC’s vibrant small business and nonprofit scene. In our search, we found gifts for home bartenders, interior enthusiasts, Missourians, Kansans, the beauty-obsessed, do-gooders and audiophiles.

On top of all that, here are some ideas to encourage thankfulness. Whether to help others practice gratitude or to help you show yours, these gifts are tailor-made to spread appreciation this season.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll.

KC Loves You, Too pennant @ $15

Where to cop: Normal Human

Maker: Normal Human

KC is a the source of pride and joy for many, and this gift proves the feeling is mutual. Made locally by Normal Human, this traditional felt pennant will remind you that you’re part of the family, especially when you’re feeling blue (and not the Royal kind).

Daily Notepad @ $10

Where to cop: Easy, Tiger

Maker: Easy, Tiger

Daily Notepad

They say the best way to improve something is to track it. This daily notepad from Easy, Tiger makes it easy to stay mindful of your priorities and headspace each day, and includes a notes section to save what you’re thankful for. Simple and minimal, each notepad has 50 full-sized sheets to get the habit started.

Floral Gratitude thank you cards @ $17

Where to cop: Hammerpress

Maker: Hammerpress

Floral Gratitude Thank Yous

We go crazy for stationary around the office and saying thank you with a handwritten note, especially inside one of these chic Hammerpress designs, is one of the best ways to let someone know they’ve gone the extra mile. You may even receive one down the road. This set includes six blank cards with envelopes.

I Love You wood card keepsake @ $11

Where to cop: Mid Coast Modern

Maker: Cardtorial

I love You woodcut

When you receive a greeting card from their loved ones, the issue of what to do with them once their hour of relevance has passed troubles even the most sentimental of collectors. This 4” x 6” laser-cut wood card will earn a place of honor as ornamental decor on a desk, shelf or mantle. Take your card game to the next level.

Cactus Envy wrapping paper @ $18

Where to cop: Hammerpress

Maker: Hammerpress

Cactus Envy Wrapping Paper

Great wrapping paper adds utility and pizzazz to a gift-giving toolset, making it easy to give thanks the whole season long. With this locally-made, offset-printed wrapping paper in hand, any enclosed gift is sure to outshine the rest.

KC retailers

Mid Coast Modern, 314 Westport Road.,

Hammerpress, 500 Southwest Blvd.,

Normal Human, 1815 McGee St.,

Easy Tiger, 1408 W 12th St #100,

5 gifts that prove gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving