Wild Wash Soap Co. is made in KC. Made in KC

7 bath and body gifts for couples who share everything

Stuff their stocking with this little pouch of goodness from SKIN. Made in KC
For those sweeties who like it salty. Urban Provisions
It’s like Vicks VapoRub for the grown and sexy. Hand & Land
Hydrate the skin and tempt the senses with honeysuckle and grapefruit beauty oil. Dear Society
Make your parts hoppy with this unique shave soap. Dear Society
Feeling funky? This can help. Dear Society

Any couple who shares bathroom space can appreciate beauty products that pull double duty. With that in mind, the following bath and body gifts prove that sharing is caring. Go ahead: We don’t mind if you borrow.

Wild Wash Bar Soap @ $7

Where to cop: Made in KC, Urban Provision, Mid Coast Modern, Hand & Land

Maker: Wild Wash Soap Co.

Of course your sweetie doesn’t smell—you just think it would be nice if they smelled… better. With several regular and seasonal scents available, you can help your partner master their musk. Best of all, these bars are palm-free and made with all-natural plant and essential oils right here in Kansas City.

SKIN Anti-Age Kit @ $34

Where to cop: Made in KC

Maker: SKIN


Oh, to be young. While science has yet failed to make us immortal, SKiN is here to pick up the slack (in your face). This kit has everything your boo thang needs to pull a Dorian Gray (minus the magic painting): face wash, toner, restorative face cream, eye cream and hydrating serum.

Vintage Room Spray @ $28

Where to cop: Dear Society

Maker: Aydry & Co.


Nothing brings olfactory satisfaction quite like a quick spritz, especially if the apple of your eye lets their lair get a little too ripe. Notes of English rose and amber musk provide instant respite and put even the most outlandish Febreeze commercial to shame.

Bath Salts Set @ $32

Where to cop: Urban Provisions



For those flames who have bathtub access, HERBIVORE’s bath salts set offers a pathway to total relaxation. The Detox salts’ formula includes Cambrian blue clay, lavender and eucalyptus, and the Calm salts contain ylang-ylang, natural vanilla and Himalayan pink salt crystals. Be sure to stick to the instructions—if these bath salts make the giftee want to eat your face, y’all are doing it wrong.

Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil @ $34

Where to cop: Dear Society

Maker: Little Barn Apothecary


Beyond making your beloved harder to grapple, this moisturizing body oil contains sesame, jojoba, avocado and vitamin E to hydrate skin and make them smell like a floral-citrus breeze. During a season that can reveal the lizard people among us, this hydrating oil aptly softens the scales.

Imperial Drifter Shave Soap @ $28

Where to cop: Made in KC

Maker: Imperial Drifter

shave soap

If your giftee is the type who shaves (anywhere) this hops-infused shave soap takes the smoothness game to the next level. What’s more, $1 of your purchase goes to the Lovin’ Soap Project, which works to improve the lives of women and girls through health, education, artisan soap making, business planning and economic development. Recommended for those who cut out all those IPAs.

...psst… Looking for more gifts that give back? Say no more.

Thieves’ Oil Sniffle Balm @ $10

Where to cop: Hand & Land

Maker: Lulu Organics


The holiday season usually doubles as cold season, and the essential oils in this balm offer a brief respite from the runny noses, sniffles, and chapped hands that often strike while we’re in close quarters with family. Apply to the chest or under the nose for quick sinus relief, or rub on your hands as an organic alternative to hand sanitizer.

KC retailers

Urban Provisions, 2616 Guinotte Ave., UrbanProvisionsKC.com

Made in KC, five area locations listed at MadeinKC.co

Dear Society, 3566 Broadway Blvd., dearsocietyshop.com

Hand & Land, 11527 Ash St. in Leawood, handandland.com

Mid Coast Modern,314 Westport Road., MidCoastModernKC.com

7 bath and body gifts for couples who share everything