Cheeky glassware shows off your priorities. Adri Guyer Photography

9 holiday gifts to stock and stuff a home bar (for $50 or less)

Nothing says the holidays like a handcrafted mixer. Photo courtesy Alyssa Broadus
Open bottles with style. Mid Coast Modern
Give them options. Made in KC
A make-you-own-gin kit is the gift that keeps on giving Mid Coast Modern
Treat your sweetie to two hand-selected bottles of wine every month from Underdog. Underdog

You know that classy (and mildly pretentious) friend who insists on bartending every time you come over? It’s time you stack the deck in your favor. Here are our holiday gift ideas for a well-stocked bar.

But First, Whiskey 9oz Rocks Glass @ $12

Where to cop: Normal Human

Maker: Normal Human

With priority-driven rocks glasses at their disposal, your loved ones won’t have to drink out of their hands. Huzzah for dry hands and these cheeky containers!

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey Holiday Label

Where to cop: Underdog!

Maker: J. Rieger & Co.


Any decent bar worth its salt needs to start with the fundamentals, meaning quality spirits. J. Rieger & Co. have been doing their thing since before Prohibition, and there’s a reason they’re still around. Start any whiskey-based cocktail with Rieger’s holiday label and let it do the work for you. Since it’s a limited edition bottle, your giftee will have something to display once they’re finished.

Compound No. 7 - Peppermint Chocolate Julep @ $15

Where to cop: Urban Provisions

Maker: Bittermilk


Don’t like work? Great! This limited edition cocktail mixer aims to take the work out of holiday libations. Just add your liquor of choice, and poof! You have a delicious craft cocktail in minutes. Each Bittermilk compound (a.k.a. mixer) comes with two easy recipes, so even the most amateur of mixologists should have a hard time screwing this up.

Homemade Gin Kit @ $50

Where to cop: Mid Coast Modern

Maker: W&P Designs

make your own gin kit

By contrast, this gift may be a little more advanced than the last, but it’s still feasible even for someone who knows nothing about homemaking spirits. This gin-making kit includes all the accoutrements and instructions for turning a plain old bottle of vodka into your very own bottle of gin. Perfect for the person who has to make it about them.

Boozy Botanicals Gift Set @ $25

Where to cop: Made in KC

Maker: Boozy Botanicals


Any budding bartender knows that at some point they’re going to need simple syrup. With this gift set, they’ll have options. The set contains the company’s best sellers—Vanilla Allspice, Rosemary Mint and Cardamom Spice—as well as recipes to get your giftee started (which should happen immediately).

KC Bottle Opener @ $24

Where to cop: Mid Coast Modern

Maker: JOYO

kcmo bottle opener

The proverbial good times cannot roll until you open that beer, friendo. Ensure your giftee never gets caught trying to twist off that pry-top IPA with an opener that says, “Hey. I like where I live.” This husband-and-wife made device is the size of a credit card, so your giftee can stash it in their wallet without fear of adding bulk to their keychain.

Good Dog Wine Club Membership @ $35/month

Where to cop: Underdog!

Maker: Underdog!

wine club

Not sure if there’s a secret handshake, but your giftee can feel good about finally being invited to join a club. Even better, this club has wine. With the Good Dog membership, they’ll receive two hand-selected bottles of wine each month, complete with detailed tasting notes and backstory on each vintage. They’ll be correcting your aeration technique and hand placement in no time. Fancy!

Blood Orange Ginger Shrub @ $16

Where to cop: Urban Provisions, Mid Coast Modern, and Made in KC

Maker: KC Canning Co.


Shrubs are in this season as evidenced by our fall cocktails piece, and they’re essentially concentrated, sweet-and-sour syrups used to replace citrus in cocktail recipes. This particular shrub follows the time-honored traditions of the shrubs of yore, containing a mix of fruit, vinegar and sugar in the form of blood oranges, red wine vinegar and sugar, as well as ginger and salt.

Jack’s Smokin Mary Mix @ $10

Where to cop: Made in KC

Maker: Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue


What good is a bar without something to get you through the next morning? This bloody mary mix contains all the smoky goodness of Jack Stack Original Barbecue Sauce, making for one hell of a hair of the dog.

KC retailers

Mid Coast Modern, 314 Westport Road.,

Urban Provisions, 2616 Guinotte Ave.,

Made in KC, five area locations listed at

Underdog, 327 E 55th Street,

9 holiday gifts to stock and stuff a home bar (for $50 or less)