A coffee a day — Mid-day meeting at Messenger

Day 5 of “A coffee a day” series
Messenger - Crossroads
Mid-day meetings where it all goes down

Although Messenger has been a monster in the wholesale coffee game for some time, they’ve just opened their first brick-and-mortar in the Crossroads. The three-story building is home not only to a cafe and bakery, but also a roasting facility, quality testing lab and rooftop space, with a massive, open staircase tying it all together. If you can get a seat, Messenger’s new location provides a meeting spot where you can break bread in a behind-the-scenes setting. Trust me— you will want to do this after trying the samples.

The first floor is comprised of the cafe and Ibis bakery, where you can get some seriously killer, grain-forward breads, as well as watch them get made from scratch. In addition, you can grab breakfast or a pastry from their comprehensive menu to tide you over when it’s not your turn to talk. I’d recommend holding your meeting on the second floor, especially this winter, since the roasting facility radiates heat on the real.

For the more intimate meeting, grab a spot in the seating area on rooftop, where you can get away from the bustle of the lower levels. The view isn’t half-bad either. A small conference room is also available.

After you hash out whatever quarterly strategic blah-blah remains on the agenda, a tour is likely in order. As chance would have it, the staff wants you to ask about this sort of thing (it’s like they put everything within view for a reason), and they’re more than happy to give you the 411.

Barista Kaley Gann says, “Every group (pastry, bread, kitchen, coffee) is so knowledgeable and passionate without being pretentious.”

As you can tell from my ravings, the bread is essential, and sharing it with your group may place you in the meeting attendee hall of fame. Paired with a 16 oz. cold brew, you’re sure to participate above even your own expectations.

Messenger coffee is located at 1624 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

We hope you enjoyed this fun week full of caffeine, and maybe learned something new along the way.
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A coffee a day — Mid-day meeting at Messenger