A coffee a day — Creative inspo at Monarch

Day 4 of “A coffee a day” series
Monarch - Westport
Getting the creative juices flowing


Let’s not mince words: Monarch is a beautiful place. If you haven’t seen it on Instagram, it may be time for you to play influencer and snap something before your lagging network does. For me, a gorgeous workspace begets gorgeous work, so it’s somewhere I like to visit for inspiration whenever the inevitable creative block strikes.

Many hip spots lean on exposed concrete, reclaimed barn wood, distressed metal and other rustic elements to create a craft atmosphere, but Monarch is quite the opposite. An obvious European cafe influence couples with stark white surfaces, huge windows, lush wallpaper and polished metal to create a bright, optimistic environment. In short: You will feel like you have stepped into a Pinterest board, in a good way.

Since the large, circular bar is visible from all angles, so you can watch the baristas at work and every tool of the trade doubles as decoration. The gold fixtures and mint-green machines are a sight to behold. Luckily the staff isn’t too attached to the bar— they offer water service to every table, which is great for people like me who always seem to have an empty glass.

The staff is comprised of KC coffee veterans, including lead barista, Gisel Alvarez, who calls the current team “phenomenal.” “It’s almost weird how well we all get along,” she said at a recent visit. “[It] hardly feels like work when you get to do what you love with your friends.”

Monarch is perhaps the only spot in the metro to offer oat milk, which is one of my favorite dairy substitutes. If you decide to give it a go, it’s best served with their drip coffee.

Monarch coffee is located at 3550 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111

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A coffee a day — Creative inspo at Monarch