A coffee a day — Espresso and a show at Colony KC

Day 3 of “A coffee a day” series

Colony KC - North Kansas City

‘Spro and a show


Colony has all of my bases covered, offering multi-roaster coffee all night long, house-brewed beer, rotating cocktails and a full kitchen. What’s more, they’ve even opened a local venue next door called the Rino. As a musician myself, this is music to my ears.

Those of you who frequent local shows know there’s a real lack of coffee options at a time when wakefulness is sorely needed. Conveniently, Colony and the Rino share an adjoining door, meaning you can fulfill nearly everything on the lower portion of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

For an all-inclusive night out, I’d recommend starting a tab with a grilled cheese (one of my most-missed foods as a vegan) paired with their house-brewed Gose the Distance, a rosé sour, benefiting METAvivor’s efforts toward metastasic breast cancer awareness, research, and support. Cocktail lovers can opt for Colony’s Old Fashioned, which is made with KC’s own Union Horse bourbon, bitters and lemon. Get full, enjoy the show and repeat as needed.

After sweating it out at your roommate, girlfriend or coworker’s set, your faithful friend Colony can replenish your energy before sending you on your way. Once you’ve tried to congratulate your friend in the band but been cut off by three other people, you can grab a shot of espresso and some fried pickles to keep you up for the ride home.

Colony coffee is located at 312 Armour Rd, North Kansas City, MO 64116


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A coffee a day — Espresso and a show at Colony KC