A coffee a day — Date night at Thou Mayest

Day 2 of "A Coffee a Day"

Thou Mayest - Crossroads Arts District

Date night spot -- if things are going well


Without fail, our group always seems to rendezvous at Thou Mayest on First Friday, especially when there’s a DJ. However, things are much more tranquil on the weekdays, making it a great spot to bring a date if dinner has gone well, especially when the patio is full of greenery.

The multi-story bar and coffee house has a cozy, vintage camping theme curated by  someone I'd guess is an Eagle Scout. There’s an abundance of couches and other loungey seating. You can simply order your drink, take a load off and let your winning personality shine through.

While they have great in-house roasted coffee, their drinks really get interesting when you access their full bar, meaning that you can switch from pick-me-up to put-em-back without ever having to leave.

Thou Mayest’s cocktail offerings rotate throughout the seasons, so it’s always best to ask for something you can’t get anywhere else. This time of year, I’d recommend the Churchill’s Breakfast, which is made with rye, cold brew, maple syrup and smoked cinnamon. It’s sure to impress.

That said, if the date is a dud -- well, there’s always the bar.

Thou Mayest Coffee is located at 419 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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A coffee a day — Date night at Thou Mayest