A coffee a day — sip before you stroll at Quay Coffee

Day 1
Quay Coffee - River Market

Sip before you stroll

Quay became my first favorite coffee house after moving back to KC from college. I can even remember the first time someone corrected my pronunciation from “kway” to “key.” When this happens to you, you learn quickly to pass it on.

When I used to live in Pendleton Heights, I produced music from the time I got off work at Cerner ‘til I hit my first yawn. Luckily, I could zip over to Quay for a quick cappuccino before closing and hang out ‘til it was time for Il Lazzarone’s happy hour ($6 Margherita pizza, y’all).

At the time I was just getting into cooking with fresh local veggies, and the City Market became a fixture of my weekend grocery shopping. I still stop into Quay so I can enjoy some coffee while I peruse the produce.

Quay is one of KC’s few multi-roaster shops, meaning they bring in beans from all over the US. Back in the day, I assistant-coached the youth soccer team of Quay’s manager, Zach Domville, who says that the shop “really takes pride in bringing in the best from around the country and showcasing it in the heart of KC.”

His signature drink, the Mary Lou, is named after his grandmother, who happened to love hibiscus tea. It’s served over ice and contains hibiscus simple syrup, ginger, thyme and a shot of espresso topped off with tonic water. I highly recommend it.

Quay Coffee is located at 412-B Delaware St, Kansas City, MO 64105

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A coffee a day — sip before you stroll at Quay Coffee