A wall mural designed by Sullivan Higdon Sink adorns the huge wall facing Pawn & Pint’s gaming lounge.

KC’s board game cafe now has a full bar

The mezzanine overlooking the gaming lounge offers a cool view with greater privacy. Jared Bajkowski | jared@inkkc.com
Bar manager Dan pulls Pawn & Pint’s first pints. Jared Bajkowski | jared@inkkc.com
A player orders a Mana Potion to regenerate magical energy reserves. In the game, of course. Jared Bajkowski | jared@inkkc.com

“When will there be pints at Pawn & Pint?” This is a question patrons have been asking for a year, and it seems they will finally have their answer.

After moving from the Crossroads Art District to a new downtown location with a full bar and kitchen, Pawn & Pint aims to be the tavern where your adventure begins, complete with delicious drinks and food and—*gasp*—human interaction. (Yes, you can put down your phone and spend time with the people you love.)

Even though I’m an avid Dungeon Master, you don’t have to be an apex nerd to enjoy what P&P has to offer. Pawn & Pint has a library of over 1000 games broken into categories like classic (think “Monopoly” and “Stratego”), neo-classic (think “Settlers of Catan”) and light-to-hardcore strategy, providing plenty of options for casual and hardcore gamers.

Perhaps you saw D&D on “Stranger Things” and wanted to try it out. The gang at Pawn & Pint have events each week to help new players get involved, and will also help you find other players for your game if need be (even if it isn’t D&D). Sitting down and playing costs just five bucks, and you can play as much as you want in one sitting.

Pawn & Pint’s new bar has the full gamut of beer, wine, and spirits. You can always order something mundane, but the bar also offers an array of potions served in corked vials to replenish your energy (including an Agility Potion made with Red Bull). The ways you could transform your game into its larger, more boisterous cousin, the drinking game, are limitless.


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P&P’s neighbor, the Homesteader Cafe, provides a complete menu of contemporary American eats with a Southern twist via an adjoining door. On Monday, when the Homesteader is closed, KC Kitchen & Pizza offers its full delivery menu to keep everyone in good spirits.

For many of the usual patrons, the move to the new location is something to rejoice about. “Getting our liquor license kept taking longer and longer, and the date we’d get to open the bar kept getting pushed back,” says Ed Schmalz, one of the cafe’s owners. “When this spot became available, we jumped on it.”

Schulz says constructing a bar in the old Crossroads space would have come with a hefty cost, and if you’ve ever been to the old location, you know parking was a nightmare. Luckily, the new downtown location has a dedicated parking lot with more than enough to handle busier evenings.


The new space also proves much cozier and casual feeling, giving the cafe a warm, lounge-y atmosphere. The ceilings are super high, even tall enough to incorporate a private mezzanine that looks over the first floor tables. Carpeting dampens chatter from other gamers, which used to be a bit of an issue at the old concrete-floored location.


“We’re excited to get people into the new space,” says Schmalz. “Come by and have a pint!”

Pawn & Pint’s new location is at 613 Walnut St.

You can learn more at their website, pawnandpint.com

KC’s board game cafe now has a full bar