Bicycling is a pollution-free way to explore the city. Judy Revenaugh |

Five reasons B-Cycle has us pumped to explore KC [Partner]

Now you can sightsee in most major districts, including the Crossroads, by bike. Judy Revenaugh |

You need a set of wheels to get just about anywhere in Kansas City. Why not give your car a break and take a bicycle out for a spin? You’ll save money, burn some calories and enjoy the great outdoors.

No bike? No problem. B-Cycle is a bike sharing program that allows you to rent bikes from stations around the city. Just check a bike out and check it back in before your time is up.

This program is an initiative of BikeWalkKC, a nonprofit organization that advocates for leading a healthier lifestyle by biking and walking more.

Here’s why we B-cycle.

Better for the environment

It’s really important to keep our air clean. Bicycling is a pollution-free way to commute. The B-Cycle program has already compensated for 100,000 pounds of carbon emissions.

Great exercise

Whether you have a desk job or are just looking for a way to spice up your cardio, cycling is a great option to burn some extra calories. Nineteen percent of B-Cycle users reported overall improved fitness level and 12% noticed weight loss. So hop on! Your heart and lungs will thank you later.

Fun way to explore the city

Now you can sightsee in most major districts and historic neighborhoods by bike. There are 41 B-Cycle stations, from North KC all the way down to Waldo. River Market, Power & Light, the Crossroads, Westport, the Plaza, Union Station, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Boulevard Brewery are all on B-cycle’s station map.

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I love cycling, but apartment living isn’t really bike storage friendly. That’s not an issue with B-Cycle. I just follow the built in GPS to the station nearest to my destination, check it in and forget about it.


We all know how expensive gas and parking can be. B-Cycle almost eliminate the cost of both. Just check your bike into one of the many conveniently located stations around the city and you’re done. Did we mention it’s only $3 for a 30-minute ride or $7 for the whole day?

For more information about The B-Cycle program and its membership options please visit

Five reasons B-Cycle has us pumped to explore KC [Partner]