Ariana Grande will perform Saturday, March 18, at the Sprint Center. Robert Lahser |

Ariana Grande brings dog-whistle high notes, pop siren songs to the Sprint Center

Saturday, March 18, at the Sprint Center

The producers of the new Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” hired the ideal artists to sing the romantic theme song. The pristine voices of Ariana Grande and John Legend blend beautifully, while the theme of the ballad also reflects the dual natures of both pop stars.

Grande’s complex persona contains dramatically different sides. She’ll act as both a beauty and a beast at the Sprint Center on Saturday. Petite and baby-faced, Grande, 23, resembles a wide-eyed high school freshman. While a portion of the Florida-born pop star’s repertoire is correspondingly wholesome, Grande assumes the identity of a risque siren on her signature songs.

“Dangerous Woman” is an empowering anthem about sexual independence, while the lewd “Side to Side” is one of the most scandalous pop hits (that maybe you didn’t know was scandalous) of recent years. Grande’s magnificent voice is the common link between the coarse and chaste components of her image. She summons the dog-whistle high notes associated with Mariah Carey and warbles in the sort of rich tones that made the late Whitney Houston a beloved star.

While Legend, Future, Nicki Minaj and other high-profile Grande collaborators aren’t part of her Dangerous Woman tour, Saturday’s show will begin with appearances by two compelling acts. The British girl group Little Mix and Victoria Monét, a vocalist and Grande’s frequent songwriting partner, will open the dazzlingly multifaceted show.

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