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Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest, Class of 2013

‘Class Valedictorian’


Many indie rock bands find success by lashing out at past conventions as they forge revolutionary sounds. Grizzly Bear, one of the most critically celebrated acts of the past five years, is different. The audacious ambition of the band’s lauded albums resembles the most complex recordings of classic rock bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. As with those groundbreaking acts, the deceptively smooth veneer of the Brooklyn-based quartet’s music belies profound emotional epiphanies and insidious sonic inventiveness.

Special to Ink

There’s no better place to discover your next favorite band than Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest. This year, 139 acts — from senior scenesters like the members of the Divine Fits to hometown heroes like Making Movies — will perform across Kansas City venues. Odds are you’re not going to cross a street without hearing something you love. To celebrate the third annual Ink’s Middle of the Map Music Fest, which kicks off Thursday, we’ve compiled a list of 25 acts worth discovering this year.

Click through the photo gallery and go to middleofthemapfest.com to build your own schedule. Soon you’ll be saying you “knew them when…”


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