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Ink’s egg- stravaganza will have you rolling in fun

Haiku haven describes many familiar spots. But which is which?

Frivolity! Fun!
It’s a world under the sun
Roller coaster, run!

In tiny park, see
The father of our country.
By George, tall is he!

This Station … much room!
Looks like an Egyptian tomb!
Tut’s, we all presume.

On a horse perched high,
Gazing west with shaded eye;
Scout him if you try.

Summer fun in spray
Mispronounce this park, okay,
Naughty word you’ll say.

Letter marks the way
To see where our Royals play.
Call it just The K!

Here they’re often in,
Our Nikita and Berlin.
Bears who make us grin.

Wave that checkered flag!
Cars will speed and rarely lag
Win the race, and brag.

Round the circle, gee!
Find this fountain. Fancy free.
See sea horses — three!

On Main, take a kink
High above we walk in sync.
Crown and Station linked.

Two sphinxes’ places —
With wings they hide their faces:
A war oasis.

Quiet — no peeping!
In Bottoms West, it’s creeping:
Arena’s sleeping!

He cries (I suppose)
Cause someone’s taken his clothes!
He must be ’bout froze.

Wear red and wear gold
And you’ll (chiefly) be so bold
In the football fold.

Bridge (use your noodle)
Is named for Bond — yes, the whole
Kit and caboodle.

In hangar balmy,
It’s white and red, this Connie
Go and tell Mommy!

Plane has angle perch
On Southwest Boulevard, search!
Leave it not in lurch.


Think you know Kansas City? Take a crack at Ink’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Within this gallery are egg-shaped photos and hard-boiled haiku hints to help you along on a tour of some of Cowtown’s treasures.

Find all of the answers in next week’s Ink. Until then, play along on Twitter at @inkkcevents for a chance to win tickets to Ink’s Middle of the Map Film Festival this weekend. Egg-cellent.


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