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Do you agree with our courtside critique of the high-flying uniforms on March Madness cheerleaders?

You’ll flip for the uniforms the cheerleaders wear during March Madness — or not.

Even though these booty shorts are being stretched to within an inch of a wardrobe malfunction (are we supposed to see butt-cheeks?), we like everything else about these uniforms — the yellow accent on the sides, the classic lettering on top. UCLA cheerleaders often make best-dressed lists in cheer circles and you can see why.

The awesome, sexy head shake aside, this look leaves us cold. Black might be the color of choice for fashionistas, but on Central Florida cheerleaders it’s flat-out boring. Cheerleaders are supposed to stand out so the crowd can see them and black just isn’t eye-catching enough. Dull as dirt. But, uh, nice hair.

Worst. Uniform. Of all. Check out the skirt of the North Central State on the far right. Notice the wardrobe malfunction caused by the slit in the A-line skirt having shifted. And what’s with the Shirley Temple bows? These women look like they’re eighth-graders playing dress up. Lose the turtlenecks, ditch the bows and switch out those skirts. Whew! Our work here is done.

It might pain archrival Jayhawk fans to hear this, but Duke’s uniforms always win. This one-shoulder look is sexy and fashion forward. The diagonal swath of blue running from the top onto the skirt gives this uniform a lot of movement. The pompoms — not too big, not too small — complete the look. Perfection.

We know that cheerleaders do a lot more stunts now, but that doesn’t mean they have to dress like Olympic gymnasts. All that striping on the sleeves makes us think of anatomical drawings that show muscles and tendons and icky stuff. Way too distracting. And when she’s standing upright, the long-sleeved top and dark color of the skirt create a very heavy, unflattering look.

V-neck midriff top. Check. Striping on the skirt. Check. Classic lettering on the chest. Check. KU’s uniform? Meh. Though we’ll award three points for the skirt pleats, a nice homage to old-school cheer skirts and fresh amidst a sea of boring A-line bottoms that make us think of Esther Williams swimsuits.

So, so, close to cool. We like this top with the white Power Cat on the chest — a standout against the dark purple — and the top is strappy and sassy. But the black turtleneck under all that purple makes this way too dark. Not even the shiny pompoms (love those) are enough to lighten it up. Stick with white turtlenecks, K-State.

The Kansas City Star

Big pompoms do not a great cheerleading uniform make.

You’ll see for yourself during March Madness.

Everyone’s talking about those crazy Zubaz-looking Adidas uniforms that Kansas, Louisville, UCLA and others are playing basketball in.

But what about the other uniforms? The ones on the sidelines.

Some schools, like West Virginia, shine in fashion-forward cheerleading uniforms.

Others look way too middle school with their oversized hair bows. (We’re talkin’ to you, North Carolina State!)

Uniform manufacturers roll out new designs every year, just like couture and ready-to-wear fashion designers.

Fashion details like X-backs, cutouts, metallic striping and tricolors on tops get cheer squads as excited as the fashionistas at a Valentino runway.

(We’ll confess to being a little geeked out on cheer stuff, too. We’re gettin’ those gloves with the pompom fingertips. Check ’em out at spiritfingerz.com)

So, as we do on Oscar night when we critique the Hollywood stars on the red carpet, we’ve applied “Fashion Police” rules to the cheerleading uniforms we’ll be seeing during the tournament.

We’ve assessed them according to the Book of Joan (Rivers).

Let the fashion madness begin.


  1. 2 years, 6 months ago

    How about we talk about the talent of the team rather than what they are wearing. Just a thought.

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