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Best of At Home With: Shelving

A cute corner shelf in the kitchen of Sara and Anna Ramey’s North Kansas City bungalow displays the sisters’ prized collection of teacups.

The series

“At Home With,” a feature that takes you inside cool and unusual apartments and homes in the Kansas City area, appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with a kick-ass pad? Send info and photos to info@inkkc.com.


Some people treat shelves like a library drop-box: Just toss in your books and walk away.

But if you want your storage situation to shine, take time to weed out the junk, then organize the books, knick-knacks or dishes you love in a visually appealing way. The payoff to this less-is-more approach: A space that feels open and inviting, not crowded with clutter.


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