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At Home With Keith Wardlaw

Design specialist Keith Wardlaw, 25, goes for an industrial look in his downtown studio.

The space gets its warmth from pops of yellow and red.

Big windows, tall mirrors and a clean white couch create an open, airy feel in the living room.

Used lightbulbs and paintbrushes become decor when they're piled into $3 hurricane vases from HomeGoods.

Shh! Wardlaw stashes his DVD collection under the rope in this bucket.

New York City inspired the urban, industrial look of Wardlaw's studio.

Concrete floors, charcoal walls and a reverance for everyday objects (check out all those clocks!) define Wardlaw's downtown studio.

The design specialist likes the inviting feel of an imperfectly made bed.

Wardlaw loves the look of blueprints. He bought these at an antique store and used them as unexpected (and inexpensive) art for his workspace.

Wardlaw writes inspirational quotes on the chalkboard wall in his bedroom.

A yolk-yellow quilt is the center of attention in Wardlaw's black, white and gray bedroom.

“At Home With,” a feature that takes you inside cool and unusual apartments and homes in the Kansas City area, appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with a kick-ass pad? Send info and photos to sarah@inkkc.com.


Keith Wardlaw sees beauty in the most basic objects.

The 25-year-old design specialist decorates his downtown studio apartment with clocks, lightbulbs, paintbrushes, blueprints, gym lockers and galvanized buckets filled with coils of thick rope.

“For some reason, I love rope,” Wardlaw says. “It has great texture.”

You’d expect Wardlaw’s studio, with its concrete floors and exposed metal pipes, to be a cold, barren space. But it’s supremely comfortable thanks to pops of warm color and tons of cozy texture in the form of plush rugs, felt pillows and piles of blankets.

“You can never have too many blankets,” Wardlaw says.

Wardlaw’s improbable industrial-meets-cozy style is exemplified on his website, plusmoderndesign.com, where you can buy furniture and home accessories that unfortunately do not include rope or galvanized buckets. But hey, that’s what Home Depot’s for.


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