Happy faces all around at Artego. Ink staff

We tried the best KC pizza from $3.50 to $28.35

Food tends to be the topic of conversation more often than not around our office. But how could we use our love of food to benefit our dear readers? Thus, our new video series Worth a Taste was born.

The Ink staff unanimously decided that our first topic of conversation must be pizza, mostly because... does anyone actually not like pizza?

So, what were we looking for? Local pizza joints at varied price points. By-the-slice-style pizza for the quick pit-stop over lunch, pie for a tasty weekend retreat and ‘za with all the bells and whistles.

We took to Twitter where Kansas Citians chimed in on the best pie around.

After reading replies, DM’s and even emails, we tallied the results and went to these three top spots.

When a vegan, vegetarian and an omnivore walk into a pizza place, here’s what you get.

The Ballin’ on a Budget Spot

Jonny Jo’s Pizzeria, 1209 W 47th St.

Price range: $3.50 and up

The Crafty-Cool Spot

Artego Pizza, 900 W 39th St

Price range: $7.49-$19.99

The All That and More Spot

Waldo Pizza, 7433 Broadway St.

Price range: $7.70-$28.35

What should we explore next? Ice Cream? Burgers? Donuts? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We tried the best KC pizza from $3.50 to $28.35