The Gong Show contestant Kaitlyn Conner of Blue Springs, Mo., laughs with host and comedian Tommy Maitland. ABC

Blue Springs ‘limbo queen’ skates on to ABC’s talent exhibition ‘The Gong Show’

“Limbo queen” Kaitlyn Conner will demonstrate her unique talent on “The Gong Show.” Celebrity judges Ed Helms, Alison Brie and Will Arnett will praise, critique and gong the performers. Eddy Chen | ABC

Blue Springs native Kaitlyn Conner set a world record at the young age of 11. Her framed certificate reads “Kaitlyn Conner, a.k.a. ‘The Limbo Queen,’ can roller skate backwards under 23 limbo bars, spread over 12 feet.”

“It’s really weird when I tell people,” Conner laughs. “I just call it exactly what it is — ‘I do the splits on skates,’ and they’re like, ‘What do you mean? Do you do it sideways, or with your legs on top of your head?’”

Her unusual talent isn’t the only unbelievable part of the now 21-year-old’s life. A self-described perfectionist, Conner learned to skate at the age of three. She began practicing her famous move not long after, when she saw her mom struggling to do the limbo.

“I was at the skating rink every day that it was open,” Conner recalls. “I’d be there during private parties. I wonder if people ever thought, ‘Who’s this little girl skating by herself and not talking to anyone?’”

Even if they did, Conner’s perseverance has proven to be worth it. She’s appeared in commercials for Holiday Inn and Google Fiber, showcased her skill on Good Morning America and even performed in a Tech N9ne music video.

Next, she competes in a Thursday, July 13 episode of ABC’s “The Gong Show.” The eccentric talent show features celebrity judges Ed Helms, Alison Brie and Will Arnett evaluating a slew of unique contestants — from contortionists to musicians — vying for a win and a $2,000 check. It revives a '70s classic TV show of the same name.

Conner looks forward to a watch party with family and friends, where she hopes to enjoy the show as much as she did filming the episode.

“It was just a really fun experience,” Conner says. “I get stressed, but once I film a show, I’m so happy. I feel like I can conquer anything.”

Coasting forward, Conner anticipates skating for “as long as she can.”

Tune into ABC’s “The Gong Show” Thursday at 9 p.m. to see if Kaitlyn rides away with a win.

Blue Springs ‘limbo queen’ skates on to ABC’s talent exhibition ‘The Gong Show’